Thursday, September 7, 2023

My review on Buddhist Mormons and Jesus: A Journey of Overcoming

A very powerful  autobiographical book about a Buddhist practicing  man on the verge of committing suicide and God using  Mormons to change his life for the better.  The book also talks about his childhood and all the abuse he endured before getting saved!   I highly recommend this book and every Christian  read this book! Purchase your copy  at Jonathan Zin Truong

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

My official Review on The Mayflower Bride!

One of the Best Christian Fictions  I Have Read is out!
I loved how the author took a teenage girl that was afraid and turned her into a bold and fearless woman of God!!!
I appreciated how the author filled the book with The Word of God and how the characters grow in their faith and knowledge of the Lord!
As a Christian man, I was really intrigued by this book.  I enjoyed how the author took a man that was broken and lost as someone I could relate to. Then to witness the changes he goes through to meet the woman he loves, encourages me to seek the Lord!
Knowing this is a series, with more to come, made it even more intriguing!
I give the book 5 stars!!
I highly recommend every Christian to read it!  Get your Copy Today!

    Mayflower Bride

Review on Soul Surfer movie 

An Excellent True story. About how Professional Bethany Hamilton. Overcomes the loss of her arm from a shark attack and how her faith in God Helps her overcome and starts surfing again!! I loved how she never quit on God and she trusted him no matter what. I give the movie 5 stars! SOUL SURFER MOVIE

Review on  The Gifting 

Are you fascinated by the Supernatural?
If you are, this book is for you!
It really opened up my eyes about the a whole new realm! The book is about a teenage girl that lives in a future society where Religion is banned and Seeing in the spirit realm is dangerous!
I love how she learns she can really make a difference in the spirit realm and every choice she makes either has a positive or negative consequences!!      
Don't look for a strong Christian message mentioning the name of Jesus. But overall message points to God! I give the book 5 stars!      

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Review on  When the game stands tall 

An inspirational story based on true events. An excellent movie about how to overcome A really difficult time in your life and get back up and become 

A Victorious winner. I loved how coach Ladouceur Teaches his players. How to be better Godly men   

I give the movie 5 stars!